Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Funday!!

Today was a good day: )  Besides the fact that I'm feeling gross due to the dreaded crimson wave...  I was able to pull a full %100 raw day: )  I had A LOT of help from friends today since I was in no mood to make anything.


Juice from my beloved Seed Bistro in Venice... without which I might never be tardy...  I mean healthy: )


I know, I know... It doesn't look like much, but I felt so crummy today.  This really satisfied my appetite though, and was light to help me feel better: )  My friend Lauren, who has been my mentor in raw foods, makes these yummy Tomato Chips.  Check out her raw juice and food delivery service Clean Bodies.


Sooo.... I'm pretty sure this is pretty much just plain delicious: )  As, I said before... today I didn't make anything on my own: )  I'm so lucky to have such awesome friends!!! Starrm my other mentor in raw foods makes this amazing RAW PIZZA!  This will settle any craving you have to the dreaded thigh bearing greasy mess known as cheese... and gluten for that matter: )  For more info on this wonderful meal check out PurpleGreenOrange Live Fuels.  Oh yeah... did I mention he delivers?!?!

So, my day was good.  I've made up for the last few days of crappy eating.  I feel the difference and I'd have to say eating raw feels sooo much better.

Well until next time,

Rawk on Baby


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