Friday, February 3, 2012

Message about Breast Cancer Screening

I remember when I was younger and first became aware of the word "Cancer".  I also remember each time I heard something cause cancer.  I thought, "Whoa, there is a lot of stuff that causes cancer...".  It can be disheartening if you dwell on it, so I like most people, just shrug it off.  We think.  Eh, Everything causes cancer, so I guess I'm going to keep enjoying everything that I'm used to and accept the fact, that I... like most of the population will at some point get some kind of cancer."


You know what doesn't cause cancer?  Food and Medicine in their NATURAL state.  You know what REVERSES cancer?!?!  FOOD AND MEDICINE IN THEIR NATURAL STATE!!!

Breast Cancer Screening (Mammograms) subject you to an increased chance of actually getting breast cancer.  In order to see inside your breast they use RADIATION like in X-Rays! Each time you do it... you douse your breast in cancer causing radiation.

OK.  That sucks.  Right?  So now what?  Don't get screenings, but now what? 

Well, you can always feel your breasts for lumps and bumps, but you actually have more control that you think you do.  You can take a few steps to actually PREVENT yourself from getting cancer.


Stop eating processed foods and using high chemical beauty products.  Here is a list of Natural Beauty Products, and some good information.

Oh and about food.  Eat Local, Eat Organic, and if you can...  I highly recommend going RAW!!!

Have you every heard of Culinary Art?!?!  Well that applies to RAW foods too: )

You can eat Chocolate, Nut Cheeses, Rich Dressings...  These in their raw and natural state contain antioxidants and probiotics that will cleanse your body and make you feel brand new.

Since I stopped eating overcooked and processed food I've gone through such a dramatic change physically and emotionally.  Now I think to myself, "Whoa, GMO tomatoes are mixed with a fish gene?  No, thank you."  If I find out something causes cancer, I'm going to stop.  I'd much rather live my life long and healthy, age slower, and look younger.  You don't need some little pill for beauty, you just need to stop feeding yourself poison.

210 & E210 Benzoic Acid (preservatives)-  This causes cancer!
107 & E107 Yellow 2G (food color)- This causes cancer
Click Here for a complete list of nasty preservatives found in common food.

So next time you hear something causes cancer...  Think a little longer about it, and maybe you'll decide it's not as important as your health.

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